Leading up to a show you are hyper focused on getting smaller, & week to week it’s easy to get sucked into the mentality that you are never enough. This is turn can lead to body image dysmorphia.

You know post show you need to gain weight but after working so damn hard it’s hard to see it creep up! Then in some instances you may not be able to reverse diet properly & experience disordered eating which leads to even more weight gain.

The combination of weight gain from disordered eating + the “not good enough” mentality can send you into a downward spiral. I experienced this last year even though all my preps were non restrictive.

I had many moments of wanting to track macros & diet down but internally I knew this wasn’t a weight loss problem it was a self love problem. So I doubled down on my self love rituals. It’s still a daily process for me but I’m on the other side of the storm now. Being able to share this story was not possible 6 months ago when I was in the depth of shame & sadness.

Here are some of my daily rituals:
✖️Write 5 things I’m grateful for
✖️Thought interruption: when a negative emotion comes into my head about myself I literally said “NO” out loud & reframed it
✖️Say 3 nice things to myself every time I looked in the mirror
✖️Stopped avoiding progress photos
✖️Help other people - body building is an ego centric sport which was not helping me, so instead I put my focus on my clients
✖️Daily journaling with self help books
✖️Compassion for myself not bullying

There are much more & this is just my personal experience. I hope it may help any of you who are in that deep dark hole yourself. There is a way out but it’s through first awareness of the situation then compassion🖤


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