What is Intuitive Eating?


Part 2 of 3 blog post on Macros Vs Intuitive Eating. If you missed part 1 you can read it here!

Intuitive eating is basically.. eating normally! It means listening to your body's natural hunger signals: eat when you are hungry & stop when you are full. 


  • Doesn't require any tracking or counting

  • Something you can sustain for life

  • Helps eliminate diet mentality

  • Easily able to maintain weight

  • Great for those wanting to


  • Weight loss results can take longer

  • Hard for someone who has no basic nutrition knowledge

  • Takes time & practice to learn moderation (not truly a con but wanted to mention it!)

  • Not a great option for people competing or doing an athletic event that requires them to be of a certain body fat %


I think that for someone to be successful with intuitive eating they first need to understand the basics of nutrition, for example: What kind of food constitutes as a protein? A fat? etc. These are all the things that I teach my clients 1-1 & in my 6 week challenges. So unless you have disordered eating patterns that need to be addressed first, I think that macro tracking is a nice transition into intuitive eating. 

While intuitive eating is not as "sexy" as tracking macros I think its a more long term, sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. Its especially good for anyone who has found themselves dieting for the majority of their life. I say this because you should realistically only ever have to diet a few times in your life and then you should be able to maintain. 

If you find yourself losing and gaining the same 10lbs over and over again you don't need a new diet, you need to create a lifestyle change that you can sustain for life.

The next blog post will be about how to whether macro tracking on intuitive eating is right for you! If you're interested in making those lifestyle changes you can apply for 1-1 coaching with me through the button below!