SUPPLEMENTS: Which ones are worth it, what natural ones I love & why I refuse to be sponsored


Im not crazy about them. There are a few that scientifically do work but the majority are just companies marketing to you to spend money. If you have money to burn then buy them but if its between buying pre workout or a personal development book- buy the book!!

I think the reason why we think supplements are so necessary is because all our favorite influencers tout about them on Instagram. Heres the thing, being sponsored is like a status symbol. Many people are so quick to jump on an ambassador deal to get their abs plastered all over flyers. They might receive commission, free products or a base monthly salary. But in my opinion some may want to look cool showing that they're sponsored which in turn makes you think you need to buy all the products. Some maybe be doing it for the money. Whatever the reason is its their life & they are free to do what they want! Before you buy any though I encourage you to do youR OWN RESEARCH!

Another VERY important thing for you to remember is that supplements aren't FDA approved. So the back of the jar might say it has 25g of protein but YA NEVER KNOW! Remember that whole Lenny & Larry's protein scandal?? 

The 3 commercial ones Ive used that I think are useful:

1. Creatine: for gaining strength. Its not just for men & won't make you bulky. There is scientific research backing this as well. You can read one here.

2. Protein Powder: for adding protein to a meal. Find a brand/taste that you like. I prefer more natural ones that don't have a ton of ingredients. At most I use them a couple times a month when I make a smoothie (because a smoothie with just fruit is a sugar bomb on your blood sugar). Its not something you need daily, Id much rather eat real food but its a great addition to smoothies  & when you're in a pinch. When I do use one I opt for  Vital Proteins

3. BCAA: The lesser important of the 3 listed here. If it was between buying these or a book Id buy the book but I thought they were worth an honorable mention.


3 "natural" ones I use daily & 100% recommend:

1. Magnesium: I love this powdered one to make a tea at night. Magnesium helps with your digestion as well as reduces your stress naturally helping you sleep.

2. Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes: When I'm having gut issues I take these but if your gut is healthy theres no need to. Im a big fan of these 2: Digestive Enzyme Probiotic. If I had a night out & ate something Im not used then I usually take a digestive enzyme before bed to help my body break down that food.

3. Liquid Fish Oil: I prefer these over the capsules and Nordic Naturals is my fave brand. Fish Oil is high in omega-3's which is so necessary since the average diet is mostly high in omega-6's which can cause inflammation in our body. We should be aiming for 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6!

Okay some juicy stuff:

The reason I don't accept sponsorships from supplement companies is because I don't think one company can make all the best products. I also think supplements are super hyped up! Most girls in the fitness industry just love to say they sponsored and don’t even use all the stuff they promote!! They also most likely make a commission off sales so they really want you to buy all the unnecessary stuff!

I believe in leading a natural, holistic lifestyle. I want to put products in my body that are made of pure, whole ingredients. If a vitamin company wants to sponsor me Im all for it (LOL) but I have made a promise to myself that you won’t see me in a sports bra promoting a fat burner.

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