5 Reasons Why Women Should Strength Train

1. You're Stronger Than You Think

Ive been training women for years & can first hand say that you're WAY stronger than you think! Strength training involves adding more weight to the bar, using heavier dumbbells & pushing yourself to complete that one extra rep that you may not have thought you could do. I don't know any other activity (please share if you have one!) that helps you realize this more than strength training does. 

2. Shape Your Body

Have you always wanted a booty that fills out your jeans? Or how about strong toned arms that look amazing in a tank top? Strength training will do that for you! Shaping your body involves building muscle & with the proper programming & progression you can add muscle to any part of your body you want! 

3. Learn To Push Your Limits, & Then Some

 You didn't think you could ever to a pull up. 3 weeks later after putting in the reps and practicing you get your first one! There is something so beautiful about accomplishing something with your physical body that you didn't think you once could do.

This positive energy then transcends into other parts of your life. You take the lessons & confidence you learned in the weight room & start applying it to other things. You gain the confidence to ask for a promotion, you believe in yourself to start a new company or you simply now just have more confidence in yourself.  

4. Stronger Bones

As we age its harder to retain muscle and bone density. To prevent us from conditions and diseases such as osteopenia & osteoporosis, women should participate in load bearing activities. Such as squats, deadlifts and bench press! 

Another huge benefit is having independence in your later years... I personally want to be the badass grandma who at 90years old is still going to the YMCA getting her workout in! The stronger we make ourselves in our youth the stronger we will be mentally and physically in our later years. 

5. Become Your Best Self 

I don't think we need an elaborate explanation for this one :) But if you've been chasing calories on the treadmill and never feeling good enough, I promise that shifting your focus to strength training will change your world. Every session you become your best self. With every new movement learned you become your best self. With every oz of lean muscle you gain you'll forget that you once though you were never good enough. 


There are so many more benefits to adding strength training to your routine, these were just my top 5 :) If you would like to be a part of a community of women who are dedicated to making strength goals in all areas of their life then you should come join us at The Strength Society ! We would love to have you!