5 Keys for Consistency

Hey hey! 

My goodness I can't believe its already February! Are your resolutions and goals making some headway? If you need some help getting and staying consistent keep reading on :) 


1. Make it FUN

When you can look forward to something you are more than likely to stick to it longer term! Hire a personal trainer that you can look forward to seeing weekly, make grocery shopping a family affair or find a group fitness class and make some friends with them! 


2. Have some sort of ACCOUNTABILITY

When you have someone or something to report back to- whether thats weekly or monthly- you will be more likely to stay consistent! My online coaching clients check in with me weekly via email. If you're not working with someone you could take measurements weekly/monthly or start a fitness Instagram account where you keep yourself accountable by posting daily. (PS thats I got myself to be consistent in the beginning!)


3. Strive for PROGRESS not perfection

So you didn't get your full workout in, or you only ate healthy 3 days out of last week. Girl its OK! Don't throw in the towel, instead look for the positives in the situation and then look ahead for where you can plan and make the next week better. 


4. Make it REALISTIC

If you're a busy mom with a full time job its most likely not realistic of you to be able to go to the gym 5-6x a week for 1.5 hour workouts, even if your favorite IG guru is doing it. ALL workout programs work!! Its the one that you can actually stick to that will give you the best results. This is because when you can stick to what you set out to do, positive emotions come from it which leads me to the last one...


5. Audit your MINDSET

Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your actions, & your actions will dictate your life. Positive emotions surrounding yourself will yield MORE positive things to happen in your life. If instead you constantly think "I just can't do this" then the universe will give you more hardship that you just cant deal with. So taking from the above example, if you keep trying to stick to a workout program thats just not realistic negative emotions will come from that which sound like: 

-"Im not good enough" 

-"I can't do it" 

-"Whats wrong with me I missed another session"

Those negative vibes will tear you down! But say instead you do pick a program that you can stick with and even if its only 3 days a week you will have so much more positive vibes that sounds like:

-"Dang Im killing it" 

-"Im feeling so great about myself!" 

-"Im accomplishing my goals I can't wait to add more of them"


Those positive vibes will compound and keep you consistent towards achieving your goals.


Did you know that I have a free FB group The Strength Society for women who want to get stronger with their mind & bodies? Come join us!