6 Ways To Overcome "Gymtimidation"

I recently read an article that stated that 65% of women avoided the gym due to fear of being judged. 

Ladies that is A LOT of you!! 

I firsthand know how intimidating and scary it can be to workout in a gym setting for the first time...

"Am I doing this right?

"Im pretty sure that person is staring at me because Im doing this wrong"

"How the heck do you move this seat?!"

Its not uncommon to have this anxiety when it comes working out so I compiled my top 6 tips to pump up your gym confidence & crush your fear of being judged. 

1. Go In With a Plan

When you don't know what to do it can make you feel really overwhelmed. So many machines to choose from you don't even know where to start! Before you get to the gym go to your favorite Instagram page (like mine hehe) & use the new nifty collections button to save workout videos. Or you can download this workout tracker that also has a bonus leg day workout included. That way you know what you will do in what order so you can go in with a plan and come out victorious. 

2. Take a Free Session

Most gyms will give you a complimentary session with a trainer upon sign up. Take advantage of that & get a tour! Learning where are the equipment (and bathrooms!) are before hand will take some of the anxiety off being in a new place.

3. Group Fitness Classes

Classes can be super fun and a great way to get into a workout groove. Its ok to choose a spot near the back until you get comfortable and that way you can watch everyone else in front of you for cues when you feel lost.

4. Practice At Home

Even with a plan it can be intimidating to workout in front of everyone. Practicing at home is a great way to learn exercises like squats, lunges & pushups. 

5. Hire a Personal Trainer

This one can get a bit expensive, but if you hire a trainer for the purpose of learning instead of just being "worked out" you will learn SO MUCH! Proper form is so important and it will BOOST your confidence to know what weights you need and how to do the hard (but necessary) exercises like bench press, deadlifts & squats. 

6. Remember Your Goals

When the going gets tough- the tough get going. Remember your WHY: to get strong, fit and confident. Exercising is self care, and with that means eliminating self doubt & negative talk. Even if you don't feel like the most confident girl, believe and act like it and I promise you WILL become her! 


Share with me whats worked best for you? How have you overcome gymtimidation and what advice do you have??