Intention > Resolutions

2018 is here! Im sure you've seen butt loads of resolution & goals posts. 

What if I told you that resolutions actually set you up for failure? They are usually so drastic that they cause you to flip your life upside down (like never eating carbs again- don't even get me started on that ) & you "stay strong" for a couple weeks but then motivation starts to decline. You end up getting a little bit slack and then before you know it you're back at where you were! 

A couple years ago I gave up resolutions and instead focused on intentions- this changed my world!! 

When you set an intention, it goes deeper that just a resolution. When you can tap into that deep WHY of why you want to lose the last 10lbs you will never need motivation again. Your intention can be like the theme of your year & when you feel yourself drifting away from your goals you remind yourself of your word and it'll bring you right back to whats important to you. 

A few example words that I love are...






..just to name a few. 


My 2018 intention is POWER :) I want to feel powerful and strong in everything that I do. I will not be afraid to say no to things that do not serve me and I will have the confidence and power to stay true to myself. 


Take a moment to reflect on what you would like to achieve this year and what your word will be. Then comment below &  share it with me so you put it out there in the universe.


xx Chanee