How To Handle Gaining Weight

The truth is I have been terrified to share this. But you know me, I like to share the good and the bad. This may not seem "bad" but in my eyes I felt like a bit of a failure. The past couple months Ive seen the scales slowly go up, my clothes are fitting tighter & my face is definitely more round. Ive been in my own head so worried about what other people think of me. Like I'm supposed to be inspiring people to lose weight right?! 


So Ive gained weight. Because the way I lost weight before (working out 6-7x a week & tracking my food to the gram) no longer fits in with my current lifestyle. My lifestyle is now working out 1-5x a week ( I know SUPER inconsistent) and eating what I feel like. Ive said so many times in the past- make sure you enjoy the way you lose weight because you will have to do that to maintain it! & in the past I liked (and could) work out that much and I have the mental brain space to track all my food. Now Im not working out as often or as intense, but I've been eating roughly the same amount of calories & eat out more often so of course i would gain weight! 


So how do you handle it? NEWSFLASH! People actually don't care what my weight is or what your weight is. They care about the value you bring and how you make them feel. Its taken a lot of investment in myself (self love & confidence coaching) to finally be like alright this is my new body and thats perfectly ok. 


And sure I might lose some weight in the coming months. Because Im finally in a better headspace and not self sabotaging myself. i finally understand that I can't eat as much as I used to. Im learning how to eat intuitively and stop when Im full. Im letting go of perfectionist and controlling habits. 


Abs don't make me any smarter. 

They shouldn't make me more qualified either. 

Its my actions and knowledge that makes me qualified and inspires people to reach out to me for coaching. 

Weight is just weight- nothing more nothing less. 

Don't let your reflection in the mirror dictate your happiness or your self worth, because you are so much more than your body. 


So how to *really* handle it? You need to surrender control. Understand that there are seasons in life. LOVE yourself a whole damn lot. 

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