Tips on Traveling & Tracking Your Macros

Are you traveling and want to stay on track with your macros? It totally doable!

Im splitting this blog post into 2 Tiers: lifestyle clients & competitors in their off season & competition prep clients. You could also be in tier 2 if you’re not in prep but you are seriously trying to make some body recomposition changes (aka you really want some abs!) 

Tier 1: Lifestyle / Off season  = Be Flexible 

Fitness should be a part of your lifestyle, not your whole life, so if you’re traveling I like to be an advocate of moderation. Loosely track your macros by guessing the macros for meals out. Aim to reach your protein goal because protein is very satiating and this will ensure you stay fueled so you’re less likely to aimlessly munch on the tortilla chips that are on the table. When ordering out you can ask for veggies steamed or cooked with no oil/butter & get sauces on the side so its easy to track your meals in your app.

Aim to stay within your calorie goal but feel free to play around with your fats and carbs. So if you end up going over on fats, lower your carbs a bit so that you can stay within a 200 calorie range. Its not a big deal if you go over your calories one weekend as long as you usually are consistently within your goals.

Many convenience foods list macros on them, I tend to find those foods that I can track or I will dissect it and track ingredient by ingredient into my app. I also make a point to come prepared with easy to travel foods depending on how long I will be away.

To summarize:

- Aim to reach your protein target 

- Guesstimate macros

- Swap around carbs and fats but aim to stay within your calorie goal 

- Choose convenience foods that have macros listed out for easy tracking 


Tier 2: Competition Prep / Really wanna get a 6 pack =  Be Strict 

If you’re on prep, and depending on how far out you are from a show you have to be quite strict and accurate with yourself for the best results. If its within your budget I recommend getting a meal prep service and send meals in advance to your hotel.

If thats not in your budget you can meal prep a large batch of protein & carbs in advance and freeze to take with you. Often times you will find a microwave in your room so heating meals up is pretty easily. 

If youre flying ice gel packs are allowed through TSA but only in their frozen form. Pack your food for the whole day you’re traveling and half the next day just in case you have a hard time finding food options once you get to your destination. 

In a pinch if I don’t have prepped food, Ill go to the supermarket and grab a salad and deli meat. I find that this is always the easiest option even without a food scale on hand. 

To summarize:

- Have a meal prep service deliver meals to you

- Meal prep everything in advance. Freeze and bring with you.

- Come prepared with travel friendly food 

- Do what you gotta do! No excuses here you have to be on point and strict!

Having a healthy lifestyle takes a little extra effort, but you are worth that effort! Do the best you can to stay on track- and when you can't don't beat yourself up about it. Its what you do consistently over time that will yield results. I hope these tips helped, if you need any help packing for your next trip hit reply and Ill be happy to help you! 

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