"Why do I feel so bulky?!"

Have you ever felt this way when you started to lift weights?? I've felt this as a beginner & also recently when I gained weight.

Genetically it's easier for some people to gain muscle tha

n others- for me my quads grow like crazy but it took a lot more time + effort to get muscle on my arms. But as women we can realistically only put on .5-1lb muscle at most a month so the likelihood that you've gained massive muscle in a week is unlikely.

HOWEVER- when you're new to weight lifting a couple things happen in our bodies that make you feel bulky:
✖️Muscles get inflamed which increases your water weight
✖️The rate at which you gain muscle is faster than the rate you're losing body fat so your new muscles are poking out making you feel big. Or maybe you have a lot of muscle but recently gained body fat making you feel bulky (🙋🏻)

To combat number 1 it's important to be well hydrated and consume plenty of micronutrients because they aid in recovery.
For the second situation having the right diet & STICKING IT OUT is key! Don't quit! By staying consistent your metabolism will increase (muscle burns more energy than fat) & the right nutrition habits will aid in losing body fat.

FitnessChanee Malfavon