Bodybuilding Life vs Real Life

body building vs real life.png

Bodybuilding Life vs Normal Life = I don't weigh out my broccoli or my froyo anymore & I actually get toppings now 😂 #afterthestage

Hehe on a real note my life is still pretty much the same. We still workout all the time & we still eat the same food minus me anally tracking everything. There's much more relaxation, time & energy now. But I wanted to tell you the 2 main reasons why I decided to take a break after doing 3 shows back to back: hormonally & mentally.

✖️Hormonally our bodies don't appreciate the leanness and it WILL start to fight you if you stay there too long. My period became really irregular, started to get IBS symptoms & my skin was terrible ☹️ I put on weight right away when I saw my endocrine system taking a hit (that was really hard).
✖️Mentally I started to want to binge & I couldn't reverse diet properly. Even though I tracked macros and didn't restrict myself from any food, dieting pretty hardcore for a year straight mentally took a toll on me. I've learned that a break between shows is necessary & I'm super open to sharing this journey because I know it'll help someone else. Everyone kept telling me to take a break but I didn't think I needed it; hindsight is 20/20 🤦🏻‍♀️

I love competing and woke up yesterday with the itch for the feeling of working towards a huge goal again & I'm so happy I took this break for my mind & body. Moral of the story is if you're a competitor please don't forget to take a proper off season ‼️There will always be another show but you only have ONE BODY TREAT IT RIGHT!