Coping with Change

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This week is my last week working as a trainer at Equinox 😱 Im also moving on Saturday. Can you say change overload?⁣⁣
I’m not a big fan of physical change 😭 I love structure, routine & am a creature of habit. But we all know change is necessary to grow & I’m embracing my new beginnings.⁣ I’m looking forward to the future & excited for all that is to come!!⁣
However, I’m quite an emotional/sensitive person (not sure if I’ve ever shared that lol) so Im taking extra steps to ground myself this week! ⁣⁣
3 ways I'm doing that are:⁣⁣
✖️30 minutes walking a day⁣ (necessary quiet time)⁣
✖️Color coding my week & time blocking, prioritizing my “me time” & workouts (more in my stories!) ⁣⁣
✖️Allowing & acknowledging my pain & discomfort (don’t stuff away negative emotions!!)⁣⁣
I’m also reminding myself (& you!) that growth doesn’t happen in a comfort zone.⁣⁣
What are some ways you ground yourself through life changes? & if you don’t I hope you’ll use my tips next time you’re going through a transition! 😘😘⁣⁣

ChangeChanee Malfavon