Balancing Hormones Post Competition


Step 1 on balancing hormones post competition, address your healthy fats and digestion! I'm sensitive to dairy (acne 🙄) so I was stoked when I found this coconut yogurt! Only 3 ingredients with high quality probiotics which is amazing for your digestion. Digestive health impacts your overall health in many different ways so balancing our gut bacteria is key!

I’ll address healthy fats in a different post, but for today I wanted to talk about probiotics. In addition to yogurts like this one & @thecoconutcult , you can get them in pill from the refrigerated section at health food stores or find them online (I’m sharing in my story what my fave brand is!). Fermented food such as sauerkraut & kimchi are also high in probiotics.

When you’re dieting for a show your food quantity gets limited which in turn can limit the variety of your foods. Everyone’s different but for some people this can disrupt your gut bacteria leading to IBS symptoms like bloating & difficulties digesting food. In addition to a probiotic I would add a digestive enzyme until everything settles down.

Even if you’re not a competitor or actively dieting, gut health is something to be aware of! There are so many benefits of having a healthy gut I could go on & on about it & anti-inflammatory food😂 I’ll leave it here, I hope you have an amazing Sunday! 🖤💪🏼