Reverse Diets are Never Going to Look the Same


Sometimes you lose more weight & sometimes you gain more weight than you want! The end game though should be a healthy metabolism & a healthy mindset.

These pictures look radically different but they are both points in my fitness journey where I’m on a Reverse Diet. On the left I was in between shows hence why I’m so lean (hindsight I should have had more fat on my body- hormones people!) & on the right is my current indefinite improvement season.

Setting realistic expectations for yourself #PostCompetition is SUPER important! I filmed a whole video on this if you want more info, you can go to my YouTube through the link in my bio!

My biggest tip would be to not compare your Reverse Diet to anyone else’s or even to any of your past ones. #CompetitionPrep can be hard on our bodies so each time we reverse that process we need to do what we can to get our bodies back to a healthy state 🖤💪🏼 and yessss in most cases that means we need to GAIN weight 😉

Was that helpful? Let me know in the comments & by saving this post! I’d also love to know what’s your best tip that you’ve learned from your past Reverse Diets??