Competing is Extreme Fitness


There is a big difference between a normal healthy lifestyle & someone who is preparing for a show. Please don't look at photos like this & think it's a normal healthy way to look, it's a very extreme version of fitness. I promise you that at my now normal body weight I have cellulite on that annoying part of your butt where it meets your hamstrings!

By the way, in case you're new to me - I'm a WBFF Pro and I absolutely love competing, not hating on it at all! I coach women for pre & post competition as well as healthy lifestyle transformations and I think it’s important that as a coach I clearly define expectations for each type of goal!⁣

Bikini prep is a physically & mentally demanding sport. You are dieting your body down to unsustainable body fat levels which requires disciplined macro tracking (on & off season), dedication to a training program & most likely a lot of cardio and low calories. You may feel left out, you may have to sacrifice events & often times you will be eating your own prepped meals.⁣

If you just want to live a healthy lifestyle you can have days where you don’t diligently track your macros. You can have a treat yo self dessert & still make progress. There is no deadline AT ALL and missing a workout is not the end of the world.⁣

So when you come across stage photos like this or following someone who is counting down to a show date with what seems like an insane amount of discipline just remember it's an extreme version of fitness. It's not the norm.