Stress can Kill your Fat Loss Efforts

When we stop putting so much unnecessary stress on ourselves to look/be a certain way Life tends to work itself out.


I snapped this picture of myself recently and I was really surprised at my arms, I haven’t seen a vein or definition since last October. I haven’t shared much about my own journey lately because I’d rather do what I can to help you, and not make it so much about me. But hopefully this blog will help one of you who is struggling to come to peace with their body after chronic dieting. I think I’ve also been hiding and not wanting to talk about my journey because it has been a struggle (if were being honest).

I tried to do a cut a few months ago and it brought back all my post comp binge tendencies. That made me feel pretty badly considering I help others overcome their post competition struggles & mine had resurfaced. I was stressing out that I couldn’t stick to my macros. I wanted to be leaner for photos & my vacay. I struggled for 2 months & thought I was broken(ps you are NEVER broken!) and could never lose weight again. ⁣

I finally decided I had way too many goals that were more important and needed my mental energy rather than wasting it on my body. So at the end of June I finally just let go and decided if this is my happy weight that my body is happy at then let it be.⁣ I’m happy internally and that’s all that really matters. ⁣

After I mentally let go I surpsingly lost 5lbs. I’ve also been really intentional about doing what I can to lower my stress by walking, sticking to rituals/boundaries & saying no more often. It’s really crazy what stress can do to our bodies & the unnecessary stress we can put on ourselves! I didn’t TRY to lose weight and I think that’s the take home message here. ⁣⁣

Here are some more ways that you can reduce stress:

  • restorative yoga class 

  • leisure walking

  • epsom salt bath massage

  • foam rolling

  • watching a funny movie/laughing 

  • 30 minute nap

  • bubble bath

  • physical affection

  • time with pets

  • sauna

  • contrast showers

  • tai chi

If you are trying to get back to “normal” from post comp don’t rush yourself. It’s now taken me a full year and each tough season taught me something new about myself which I’m very grateful for now.