Exercise Quality over Quantity

Exercise quality > exercise quantity has helped me maintain my physique over the last year without a ton of work. My goals for 2018 were to focus on my clients and become the best coach I can be, rather than trying to get the best physique possible.⁣⁣

So naturally my training volume had to decrease a ton because my schedule is hectic and there’s more stress in my life. I offset this by making sure the quality of my sessions were high. For months I only trained 1-2x a week (I know!) I still am in awe that my muscles have not left me haha but this just goes to show that quality is far superior than quantity.⁣⁣

My training style is to master the basics and do them often. That would be squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups and hip thrusts. I do those exercises every session (I train full body 4x a week). Then I follow that up with accessory movements like this one here that targets my “weak areas”. I’ll do the same workouts for MONTHS & periodize the reps/sets. I know not everyone likes to train this way so for my clients I keep the same basic compound movements and change out their accessories every 4 weeks. ⁣⁣

Your body will adapt to the stress you put on it. So if you’re always changing it up then it’s not going to be able to adapt to anything!

exercise quality over quantity.png

For this exercise: dead stop single leg KB deadlifts I did 4x8 & superset with step ups. It’s hard so make sure you are keeping your abs engaged and stretching the glutes/hammies back when hinging! Any questions on training I’m happy to help.

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