Connect With Your Feminine Energy Post Competition

Competition prep requires us to lead with our masculine energy like being action-oriented, competitive, direct etc. In order to achieve the goal we set out for ourselves we often have to go into “prep mode” which often means: block everything (& everyone) out, forget how you feel & only focus on this one goal.⁣

Prep mode can often lead us away from feminine energy, which is more rooted in intuition, feeling & connectivity. The lack of nurturing on this energy can often feel us leaving imbalanced & we don’t even know it!! So as we try to tackle the mental & emotional hurdles of post competition with our masculine energy we are left pretty dang confused as our previous “no excuse mentality” no longer works.⁣

This goes for a lot of things not just overcoming post competition stuff! By taking a moment to reflect on your mindset & see what energy you is leading with, you can learn a lot more about yourself! ⁣

Some ways you can tap into your feminine energy:⁣
✖️ Connect with people in person⁣
✖️ Go to a dance class or moving your body in a new way⁣
✖️LET GO with the self criticism & EMBRACE yourself ⁣
✖️ Let go perfectionsism & live more authentically ⁣
✖️ Find a new hobby rooted in creativity ⁣

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