Cultivating Positive Body Image

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I can’t remember where I heard this quote but it has stuck with me for awhile. What it means is that the harsher you judge other people (for their appearance, performance etc) the deeper the insecurity is within yourself. ⁣

Today’s mini lesson is about cultivating a positive body image. One of the tips is I give is to assess how are you judging other people.⁣

Get real honest with yourself & take a look at your inner dialogue. What judgements do you have about others? Now shine the light on your self, is that an area you have low self esteem in? Most likely if you have bad body image you are the harshest critic of others. ⁣

I will be completely honest, when I was actively competing I was SO INSECURE about my body and constantly judged other woman around me. I judged woman on social media, in the grocery store, walking down the street, at the gym- you name it! It was a terrible headspace & one that I’m so happy to have overcome. ⁣

As always, the work in on the inside! I hope you find the mini lesson helpful and I’d love to know what thoughts come up for you on this subject! ⁣

MindsetChanee Malfavon