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Today’s office 💪🏼 Lately I’ve been feeling really grateful for the opportunity to be a trainer. My clients have been with me for years & it’s really cool to be able to serve people this way 1-1. This morning I was tired but before I stepped into the gym I asked myself:⁣
👉🏼“Who do I need to be for my clients today? How can I serve them in the best way possible?” ⁣

My answer was “bright, positive, encouraging & fun” especially with all the holiday stress that’s being thrown around. ⁣

So my goal today is to be all of the above a little more than I usually am. It felt really good to set that intention before I started my work today & it was fun to see my clients take on my energy. ⁣

I was also thinking about making changes and seeing my client’s change their lifestyle. Here’s 4 signs you’ve made being healthy & fit your LIFESTYLE:

1. You don’t freak out over eating a slice or cake or missing a workout. You know that what you do consistently is sooo much more important in the long run & your 3 Key Habits are always in check 
2. You are the expert or your body. You love finding what works for you rather than just blindly following a meal plan 
3. You like yourself. A lot. You workout because it’s fun & challenging not because you feel like you’ll be happier/better/whatever at a different body size 
4. You don’t jump on the latest nutrition trends because you’ve done the work & know what works. You don’t feel the need to follow the crowd 

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