Eating Self Control

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Remember how a few weeks ago I said the key to stop binging post competition isn’t *always* to eat whatever you want? That’s because having a good relationship with food includes NOT giving into your sugar cravings every time from a place of love & empowerment. ⁣

Today I did a mini lesson on how to cultivate more self control when it comes to cravings & food! It’s a touchy subject... because I’m not advocating being restrictive but I’m also not advocating eating all the sugar all the time. ⁣

The truth is if you want to be HEALTHY mentally & physically you need to be able to have self control. If you want to be lean you need to create a lifestyle of eating well & having a good relationship with food. Giving into each craving is not a long term solution. Never having treats is not a long term solution. Eating sweets because it’s offered & you feel bad saying no is not a long term solution!⁣

Ultimately it’s up to you to create your own version of balance. If you want to practice this week decline an offer for sweets. See how you feel. Get intimate with the thoughts that go through your head. Are they empowering or destructive? Surf the disappointment & use it as positive fuel to move forward! ⁣