Why Binge Dieting Happens After a Show

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This is why (I think) most competitors struggle with binge eating after a show ➡️ The combination of extreme dieting + internal/external triggers + natural weight gain that needs to happen = heightened vulnerability & turning to food for emotional support.⁣

I never had an eating disorder before I did a competition but I did develop disordered eating habits afterwards & struggled with binge eating. From those experiences I learned a lot & I know for sure there are many more people who have experienced the same. ⁣

The biggest thing I learned was how much of an impact mindset, self compassion and self development had on my healing journey. Even if you never competed but have struggled with the restrict/binge cycle this applies to you as well! Don’t skimp on working on your inner self. Take a break from focusing on your body & start to take care of your mind & spirit. ⁣

I hope the content I share opens your eyes up a little & forces you to look inside yourself for the answers. Also, please forgive me for the click bait photo 😝🤣