Learning to Become my Own Best Friend through Weight Gain

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First I want to preface this by saying my weight gain shown here is healthy & by no means am I saying it’s excessive. At the time it was HARD to see myself gaining weight and I’m talking to you girls who are struggling with that right now. ⁣

Leading up to a show you are hyper focused on getting smaller week to week, which contributes to the mentality that you are never enough.⁣
So post show even though you know you need to gain weight it’s hard to accept it when your self worth is in your body image. ⁣

This is where it’s important to learn how to love yourself again & become your own best friend. To take your mind OFF your body & onto other areas of life. ⁣

Here are some rituals that I’ve developed over the years:⁣
✖️Write 5 things I’m grateful for⁣
✖️Thought interruption: when a negative emotion comes into my head about myself I literally said “NO” out loud & reframed it⁣
✖️Write 3 things I value about myself⁣
✖️Help other people - body building is an ego centric sport which was not helping me, so instead I put my focus on my clients⁣
✖️Daily journaling with self help books⁣
✖️Giving myself self compassion not bullying⁣

There are much more & this is just my personal experience. I hope this may help any of you who are struggling with self love & self worth 🖤⁣