Morning Ritual

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How do you start your morning? Are you frantic, taking care of everyone else and running all over the place? Or do you sit on social media for a good 30 min absorbing what everyone else is doing? ⁣

My mornings are SACRED to me!! Not to sound dramatic lol but I notice a huge difference in my energy, demeanor and attitude when I start with my routine/rituals. Part of that routine is to not touch my phone for the first 30 minutes. I don't always have the time for my full on routine but I have a few non-negotiables:⁣

✖️Journal or jot down my gratitude list & check in with how my energy is⁣
✖️Coffee and quiet time (reading, meditating or just sitting there) ⁣
✖️Absolutely no social media or email checking before I do the first 2 ⁣

These few things help me get in tune with myself and stay mindful. I put ME first before anyone else and that allows me to be more of service to others. Being mindful also transcends into my eating! ⁣

Remember, how you do one thing is how you do everything 😘 I’d love to know what your morning routine is like, or if you don’t have one, what 1 thing are you going to start implementing?⁣