Lift Heavy for Results

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I think everyone should be using a real barbell & working towards getting stronger! The biggest problem I see with people who are not making aesthetic progress is that they lift wayyy too light than what they can really handle. If you have back issues, mobility issues or don’t know how you’re exempt, but if not you should be doing deadlifts with kettlebells or a barbell, NOT those tiny pre-weighted bars! ⁣

A big misconception is that lifting *really* heavy will make you big & bulky. False! It'll actually make you leaner and more dense because your main focus is strength not hypertrophy. More muscles = faster metabolism.⁣

What weight you lift is relative to your exercise history so there is no universal number. If you're an intermediate lifter use these percentages of your 1 rep max (RM) as a guide to help you determine if you're lifting heavy enough for that rep range.⁣
2 reps = 90%⁣
4 reps = 85%⁣
6 reps = 80%⁣
8 reps = 75%⁣
**Please note that if you're a beginner, I recommend starting with your body weight only, learning the movement correctly and progressing yourself from there!⁣

I hope this helps you on journey to getting stronger! 😄 What has been your latest personal best on lifts?? ⁣