Dealing with Blow Out

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Blowing out after a prep (especially if it’s your first one) is a lot more common than we think unfortunately. Whether you didn’t have a coach who was supportive emotionally with your reverse diet or you were on such a strict prep that afterwards you just went straight crazy this story isn’t new (aka you’re not alone!)⁣

In 2013 I had a coach who pretty much put me on a starvation diet with over 2 hours of cardio a day. After my show I had panic attacks because I literally forgot how to eat normally, started binging & felt so burnt out from the gym I stopped working out. You can see I hit rock bottom in 2014 but since then have rebuilt my foundation of a fit lifestyle & in 2015 got back into competing.⁣

So how we do get back on the proverbial fitness wagon after we blow out?⁣
After 5 years in the competition world this is what I’ve learned:⁣
✖️Create a healthy relationship with food and yourself - SELF LOVE!⁣
✖️Don’t use a show as “motivation” to get back into it because you’re more likely going to get sucked back into that pattern⁣
✖️Make sure you are emotionally ready to start a cut & that it’s out of LOVE for yourself not FEAR⁣
✖️Learn to love moving your body again. Branch out with different exercises & do what makes you happy- don’t force yourself to lift weights or go to a traditional gym if it doesn’t feel good!⁣