How to Handle Post Comp Emotions

Post Competition can be an emotional minefield 😬 You want to stick to your reverse, make improvements, eat more & gain as little body fat as possible because you’ve spent so much time working on your physique you don’t want to “ruin it”. I 100% feel you on this as Ive had the same feelings.⁣

The biggest problem with the situation outlined above is that a lot of self worth is being put into your external body. That type of self worth doesn’t last very long in terms of motivation so as an after effect you may start to self sabotage. Then you gain a bunch of weight and try to use another show to get back in shape 😬⁣

During these times you can get really hard on yourself, tell yourself that you NEED to get it together (#teamnoexcuses) & you’re looking for that same iron will you had on prep. If you’ve been there you probably know now that this type of thinking actually doesn’t work as you find yourself in the loop of recommitting to your goals weekly. ⁣

Instead, I would argue that you need more self love & compassion. You need to learn how to forgive yourself & stop being your biggest enemy!⁣

Tapping into the feminine energy of empathy, compassion & self love can be liberating. You start to value yourself from the inside out, you do things from a place of nurturing your body & best of all you start to appreciate yourself for who you are instead of just how you look.⁣

Dang that was long! Tell me what you think about this!! I’m planning on discussing this topic of feminine energy more this week🤗 Happy Sunday my friends 🖤💪🏼⁣

Chanee Malfavon