Need Some Support?

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It’s a strange feeling going from working so hard day and night towards a goal to just being done. Maybe you’ve done a cut or a show you know what I mean? This is why I think we turn to food for emotional comfort. ⁣

Just remember that depending on how lean you were for the show, it most likely is not a sustainable place to stay. So you will have to gain some weight back to be in a healthy body fat especially to continue to make improvements in your off season. Reverse dieting will help offset any excess weight gain as you restore your metabolism & working on your mindset will help with how you emotionally feel about yourself. Body dysmorphia is real during this time so please remember to have self compassion for yourself. One day at time you’ll get through it 🖤⁣

Need a supportive community to talk to? I have a group on FB specifically for women going through their post comp journey! Email me & I’ll send you the link!