Exercising Properly with Proper Form

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 16.02.55.png

When I first started working out in college I had noooo idea about proper form so I developed some nasty movement patterns during those first few years. I became a trapzilla 🙈 I don’t want that to happen to you so please implement these tips!⁣

ALWAYS set your shoulders before initiating the movement. ⁣

✖️For Inverted rows you’re setting them back & down 😉 I know tricky but the key here as you can see is not extending out all the way so that you lose your shoulder setting.⁣

✖️For Rows you’re setting the shoulders back. I let my arm come alllll the way down so I can set it back again. You should feel a muscle behind your shoulder blade working not so much your bicep or traps.⁣

✖️For lat pull downs you’re setting the shoulders down. You can see I’m doing a very exaggerated reverse shrug but that helps a lot to learn how to press your shoulders down.⁣

Start light. Engrain proper movement patterns so that you don’t injure yourself or over compensate with other muscles! I hope that helped 🖤💪🏼