Self Compassion is Important

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Where other coaches tell you to suck it up & “just stick to the plan” I’m actually an advocate of reaching your goals through feeling good & becoming a better person. Because when you do it that way it’s actually sustainable & fun! That’s why I think Self compassion is one of the biggest motivators of change & a cornerstone of my coaching. ⁣

Showing yourself compassion after a binge or slip up is not giving up or condoning bad behavior, its actually giving yourself the benefit of the doubt which in turn helps you build your resiliency. Many people continue to struggle because they allow one slip up to get them totally off track- that’s not resilient at all and brings worse outcomes, not better!! ⁣

Can we all agree that we are human and bound to make mistakes? No one is perfect & we are all doing the best we can in the moment. So let’s take this Monday after a holiday to regroup & refocus, show ourselves love & compassion & get back to taking action towards our goals 🖤💪🏼⁣