Changing Habits

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Changing your habits requires you to work on yourself. It’s not enough to just read these captions, you have to do the work & change how your brain is programmed or else you’re just going to go right back to what you know. ⁣

When I was stuck in my binge/restrict loop post competition, things only started to shift when I realized that I needed a new way to think if I wanted to master a new way of being. ⁣

This meant getting deep & real with myself & changing the self limiting beliefs I had. ⁣

✖️Why did I have such low self esteem? ⁣
✖️Where was my self worth coming from? ⁣
⁣✖️Why did I feel the perfect body would bring me happiness? ⁣✖️How could I take more personal responsibility for how I felt about myself?⁣

This weeks content will focus on self worth & how to become your own best friend! Any specific questions?? Let me know & get ready to become your BEST SELF!! 🤗

Change, MindsetChanee Malfavon