Working with Chanee was one of the best planning decisions...

Working with Chanee before my wedding was one of the best planning decisions I made. My goal was not to lose a bunch of weight, but to tighten, tone and gain muscle definition. Throughout the process I learned SO MUCH! There is no elimination diets or drastically cutting calories, instead she focuses on what is right for your body based on your goals. Not to mention the seriously booty-kicking workouts! Every time I got comfortable with a plan She would change it up, leaving me constantly challenged. Chanee is your biggest cheerleader and cares about your physical and mental progress, looking at the whole person and your life and lifestyle and creating a plan that fits that. When my wedding day came around I was so happy with how I looked and the progress I made, but most importantly I felt strong and confident.

— Christa Nelson

Shawna Poliziani