Being coached by Chanee helped me drop 11 inches all around...

You name it, I’ve probably tried it. CrossFit, other online coaches, counting macros, 5 meals a day, unnecessary supplements and fat burners. I’ve always been somewhat consistent in the gym, but my actual workouts were a mess, as were my eating habits. I had no real routine that I was able to easily stick to. The holidays are a busy time where I love to indulge, meaning less consistency in the gym and more calories in my mouth. Being coached by Chanee helped me DROP 11 inches all around, learn consistency in my workouts, and get a hold of my eating without depriving myself of the goodies I love. Continuing on my own after the program ended was a breeze because I learned to build a solid routine, and have been able to continue making progress in my fitness journey.

— Carlyn Norris

Shawna Poliziani