Realizing You're Worth it

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I don’t always love my body or myself. Is that negative? Sure but it’s the honest truth & that’s ok. The reality is that we won’t be able to avoid negative thoughts, but what we can do is learn how to cope when those thoughts come up. I don’t want to pretend that I’m always this positive ray of sunshine (trust me ask Henrik 😂).
So when I do get in a negative headspace I practice active acceptance & get clinical. I ask myself:
✖️“What can I do today to make myself feel good?”
✖️“What am I doing that’s not working that I need to eliminate?”

Then I realize I most likely am not loving myself because I’m not doing anything to make myself feel good! I probably skipped my workouts or half assed them, ate more sugar than usual so I’m feeling lethargic, worked way too much with no break or compared myself to others on the internet 🤭 #justbeinghonest

Your life is in your hands! I love doing this little check in process in my head because it reminds me that I workout & eat well because it makes me feel my best. Figure out what makes you feel good & do that.
You’re worth it 🖤💪🏼