I Found Chanee on Instagram...

I found Chanee on Instagram a couple of years ago and straight away connected with her vibe. Earlier this year I was prepping for a WBFF Bikini Diva show and contacted Chanee to be my posing coach. We had posing skype sessions weekly and I always looked forward to them!
Her energy would always get me excited to step on stage. Throughout the posing sessions she would give me affirmations to help me mentally in prep for the stage. I knew from the first posing session that I wanted her to be my post comp coach. After my first competition I blew out, I had no coach and struggled mentally and physically. I was determined not to let that happen again so I stayed with Chanee post competition and she has supported me right through from pre comp with posing to post comp with limiting binge eating and negative self talk. She helped me focus on strength goals instead of the number on the scales and it helped me SO much! I have found a much more balanced life post competition and can safely say that I love myself throughout the whole process which I couldn’t have said one year ago. We have also had some life coaching sessions in which she helped me set clear goals for my life - business, fitness and relationships. I am so grateful for her and I can’t wait to prep with Chanee as my coach in 2019!

— Anjuli Mack

Shawna Poliziani