The Reset Strategy

Rebuild your metabolism. Repair your relationship with food. Love your body. 


…you could stop feeling scared of food & gaining weight.

…you had the confidence to go back to working out without your sweater on

…you no longer felt guilty for eating food that's been on your "off-limits" list knew how to handle your emotions without food

…you enjoyed your workouts again & felt energized instead of dreading them

...becoming ravenous and eating everything in sight (OR being scared to) was no longer an issue. could feel confident in your skin as you begin building muscle and getting your health back even if that means gaining weight

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I was desperate for a way to find balance again post-show without falling down the black hole of binging and hating myself or being so strict I couldn't enjoy myself at all.

I searched all over Instagram, but no coach was helping with this!!

 So I had to help myself & combining my experience as a Life Coach, this helped me develop my signature Reset Formula that is comprised of 4 phases:


Our thoughts drive our emotions, and our emotions drive our actions and ultimately, our results. Reprogramming your mind, your beliefs about food and about yourself are the crucial first step in the healing process


You can not live life eating a 1200 calorie diet or your prep macros, it's way too restrictive. You'll always be on the deprive then binge cycle & your body will always be in starvation mode. In this phase, we learn the tools to eat more, create balance with food again and put an end to overeating.


Breaking the mindset of extreme food awareness is tough, and often, we fear relinquishing control in our mind will lead to getting fat. Creating and learning healthy mindfulness allows you to choose the perspective that serves you best. Is that tracking macros or breaking up with them? You’ll find out!


Embrace this new season of life with love, acceptance, and peace of mind. Learning how to handle your emotions without food and find true self-love will help you push yourself towards your goals, get out any funk, and stop beating yourself up every time you slip up.


 Through this process, I've helped many clients learn how to eat normally again, move away from extreme tracking, heal their gut and metabolism and learn how to love and accept themselves outside of their body.

Healing your relationship with food and yourself means radically changing the way you approach your health and fitness. It's no longer about trying to stay as lean as possible or extreme measures to change your body, it's about learning how to love and accept yourself no matter what the circumstances are. 

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After my first competition I blew out, I had no coach and struggled mentally and physically. I was determined not to let that happen again so I hired Chanee post-competition and she has supported me through post comp with limiting binge eating and negative self-talk. She helped me focus on new goals instead of the number on the scales and it helped me SO much! I have found a much more balanced life post-competition and can safely say that I love myself throughout the whole process which I couldn’t have said one year ago.
— Anjuli
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 Upgrade to customized 1-1 coaching:

 You're feeling restricted & unmotivated. You feel like you’re stuck in emotional chaos of fear and low self-worth.

I created this program for women like you... who want to break free, enjoy what they eat and feel good in their body again. 

  • Stop obsessing about food and your weight

  • Learn how to accept yourself so that you can feel happy and confident in your body

  • Learn the most effective tools and techniques to overcome post-show/post-diet food obsession and body confidence.

  • Be able to automate your eating, so you're not dependent on your willpower and discipline

  • Be able to eat a variety of foods so your body can be healthy from the inside out

  • Rewrite your identity and goals for this new season of life


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 Upgrade to customized 1-1 coaching:

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  • You know you have a self-love problem, not a weight loss problem

  • You are ready to break free from all the food rules and create your own standards

  • You just competed or finished a diet and as a result,  bounce back and forth between being on track and not

  • You are desperate to feel good in your body again without going to extremes

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  • You are looking for a weight loss course.

  • Your main goal is staying as lean as possible, this course about changing your perception of yourself, not controlling your body fat.

  • You don't have the time or desire to work on your self-growth. This course requires a 5-10min of daily self-reflection. 

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I’m so grateful that you helped me to this day to get me where I am today. I feel like I’m getting a new life! It sounds a bit dramatic but I actually am so relieved to find a lifestyle that starts to work without being on a low calorie intake. I feel a lot more stable and less stressed about food. I thought I’d let you know as you have added so much value! It changed not only my relationship to food but also to Mikey and my friend and the general social life as in the past would have not want to go out cause I feel uncomfortable or wanted to avoid temptations in restaurants etc. Now I feel more like I am who I am, I fit into something that will suit me well, I’ll choose a dish which will make me feel good plus greens on the side and I’ll enjoy my time with my loved ones.
— Mai

I realized I needed help when I found myself repeating the same eating cycle. I ate 100% clean during the week, depriving myself of any sweets or processed foods. My energy was low and I wasn’t feeling the best. I dreaded the weekends because that’s when I’d break and lose control. For me, weekends are almost always filled with eating out with friends/family, traveling or going to an event. I have a big sweet tooth so whenever I was faced with any kind of dessert, I would indulge, and I mean over indulge. I couldn’t just eat one brownie, not two, not three, but more like five+ and sometimes the entire tray! I couldn’t stop myself - I didn’t know how. I would end up feeling sick to my stomach and worst of all, guilty for my ravenous behavior. I would punish myself by eating super clean starting that following week and restricting myself even more, only to find myself over indulging again and more at the next dinner out or event. I reached out to Chanee for her coaching. The first thing she equipped me with was education and knowledge. She didn’t give me a cookie cutter plan. To my surprise, she didn’t tell me what I had to eat or not eat. I LEARNED about hormones, macros, trigger foods and self-compassion. I learned how to develop healthy habits through the EAT Method, the 143 Method and the 80/20 rule and it was through this first step of education that changed my relationship with food forever. I began incorporating the fun foods, my happy foods, aka my “brownies” 20% of the time. Because I had a little bit every day, guilt free, I didn’t hold these once sacred food items on pedestals anymore. I learned when I had had enough, I listened to my body, I asked myself if I was really hungry, I reminded myself that it’ll still be there the next day, I savored and appreciated every bite and before I knew it, I was stepping into the weekends confident about what my food choices were going to be. I learned how to have an abundance mindset. I learned not to deprive myself. I learned that balance does exist and I am happy to report that I no longer eat the whole tray of brownies, nor do I have a desire to. Chanee’s coaching and education based programming not only changed my relationship with food, it changed my life!!! I am the happiest, healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been, on the inside and out.
— Jo

Being the typical ALL or NOTHING Person I got into Fitness quite early and tried out literally everything over the last couple of years. I always knew that our mind needs to be trained just as much or even more than our body, for us to be happy and healthy. Therefore, when I found Chaneé on Instagram her vibe and approach really suited me. I have worked on my mindset for a long time, mainly forced to do so after a knee injury and came a long way. However, this program was exactly what I needed to fully order my thoughts and manifest my new habits. This Program is perfect if you want to learn and have an amazing backpack full of tools for the next steps of your journey. Because the program lasts over weeks, you will also get the knowledge piece by piece and this will leave you with an amazing puzzle in the end. Being a certified trainer myself, I see how little emphasis gets put on the mindset in this industry and Chaneé is a perfect example of what can be achieved if you work on both. There is always a quick fix but I guarantee you with plenty of personal experience, that these are not sustainable nor make you happy. If you are stuck in that all or nothing mentality or are just curious to learn and grow then this program is perfect for you.
— Tanja
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 Upgrade to customized 1-1 coaching:


When does this course start?

This course begins July 15th 

How is this course delivered? 

This course is a virtual educational class delivered over the internet. You will get 4 weekly video training modules and 3 weekly coaching emails. The training videos will be delivered LIVE so you have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. 

When are the video training modules?

The LIVE training modules will be taught weekly on Mondays at 530pm PST starting July 15th, 2019

Where can I watch the replays of the training modules?

All training modules will be housed on YouTube and can be accessed with a private link. 

Is this a customized program?

This program is not customized to individuals but is designed to cover the most effective tools and techniques to overcome post-show/post-diet food obsession and body confidence. 

What is included in the 1-1 coaching upgrade?

If you choose to upgrade to receive 1-1 coaching you will receive 4, 1-hour coaching calls & unlimited email access during your program. I will personalize your approach with the tools & techniques you will learn as well as give you emotional support and accountability.

Is there a support group?

There is no Facebook support group for this course. Overcoming the mental obsession with food is on your own timeline and journey. While group accountability and support can be great, this topic tends to be touchier and I don't want comparison and distraction with what/how other people are doing to affect your own process. I want you to fully immerse yourself in this journey, alone. You are 100% unique. And getting to the point of effortlessness with food starts with you honoring that. 

What if I have a busy month? I don’t know if it’s the right time for the program.

I love this question because it’s one of the benefits of this approach—you don’t actually need to “have time to start.” This is not a meal plan, so you can begin any time, like literally on a Tuesday at 1 pm. You don’t have to prep food or go grocery shopping or make time to think about food. In fact, the whole point of this course is to help you think about food less and improve your relationship with it so you have MORE time for other stuff! You can jump in right now.