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When I first started my fitness journey I was in college and didn’t have the funds for a personal trainer. I spent many hours online researching training and nutrition plans and often found myself spinning in circles. I decided to compile my 5 years of experience and make it easy for YOU!

I designed my online programs to provide you the proper tools to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. Becoming your best self requires a lifestyle change. This means no restrictive diets or excessive amounts of exercise that you can’t sustain. I am committed to meet you where you are and design a program for you that will give you a healthy, happy and confident lifestyle!

To apply for online coaching please fill out the application by pressing the button below.

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  • Initial phone/email consultation regarding training & nutrition to determine the best plan for your goals.

  • Customized workout regimen to fit your goals and your schedule. 

  • Nutritional guidance: This is customized & dependent on your goals and where you currently are in your fitness journey!  Throughout this program you will also learn how to put together your own meals while still incorporating occasional treats you refuse to give up. Living a healthy lifestyle means having balance and variety!

  • Full email support from Chanee throughout the entire duration of the program (subject to package purchased)

  • Weekly follow-ups through email regarding progress, with adjustments provided as needed (subject to package purchased)

  • Monthly Skype check ins (subject to package purchased) 

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  • Motivated & willing to work hard. I'll give you all the tools you need, but ultimately it will be up to you to execute the plan. Expect some tough love when needed!

  • Knowledgeable at reading and following detailed instruction

  • Looking for long-term results, not a quick fix - If you're looking for a crash diet or to lose a lot of weight in a very short time period, I'm not the coach for you. My clients health will always be my #1 priority