Imagine if…

…you could have strong positive mindset & stress-free lifestyle working out & eating what you love.

…you were able to create sustainable habits & systems that worked for you not against you.

…you knew how to control your thoughts, emotions & actions.

…you no longer were a victim to the comparison trap.

…you were able to ditch your all or nothing mentality.


…you knew what your body needed to thrive without obsessively counting calories or worrying about food.

…you lived your life for YOU, not others, & no one could steal your confidence.

…you can confidently look at yourself in the mirror and love your heart, body & mind without one negative thought taking the spotlight.

….you had on-demand mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your life - and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed ever again.

Want to make this your reality? 

#MindsetMakeover is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.

The program begins May 6th!


Step Into Your Breakthrough With The 3 Pillars


Are you tired of being in a constant battle with yourself? Do you want to accomplish more but cant ever find the motivation to do it?

Your mind is your greatest asset. In this program you will learn how to eliminate negative self talk, filter out other peoples opinions & walk away from behaviors that are no longer serving you


Do the "I really feel like shit in my body" days outweigh the "I FEEL CONFIDENT" days?

Lets face it- binging & stress eating is NOT serving you. I’ll teach you how to become an expert of YOUR body so you can ditch the meal plans & live from a a place of #structuredflexibility. Finally find the balance you’ve been searching for with a body you feel amazing in.

3 Pillars .png

Are you ready to learn how to become your own best friend & love yourself?

Through weekly group coaching calls & daily accountability, you will learn about your core values, your passions, what makes you unique & cultivate a new relationship with yourself


Whats the process?

We’re about to become REAL close :) This 10 week group coaching experience comes with weekly group coaching calls & 6 Training Modules. Through daily accountability & weekly check ups, you’ll be diving deep into making the transformation you’ve been craving. Program goes live May 6th!


In the first phase we will do a full audit of your lifestyle: nutrition, fitness, spiritual, financial etc. By identifying your weak points, we will create healthy habits & systems to upgrade your lifestyle. You’ll learn my methods for intuitive eating for a stress free, healthy nutrition protocol.


If you woulnd’t say it to your best friend, then you shouldn’t be saying it to yourself. This is where we get deep & uncover all the blind spots that have kept you stuck, reprogram your brain to work with you not against you & learn how to have active acceptance and love yourself unconditionally.


In the final phase of our 10 week coaching program, we will review whats been working, whats not working & fine tune your routines. This includes morning & evening routines, workout and nutrition protocols & together we will redesign your lifestyle to be a life thats worth living, not a life where you’re just going through the motions.



Hey, I’m Chanee!  

Im a WBFF Bikini Pro, Competition Prep & Life Coach. My passion is helping women get back in touch with themselves again through sustainable nutrition, fitness and mindset practices.

After years of being in the professional competitive field, I noticed a huge gap- there was no one teaching how to handle the mindset of having a fitnesss lifestyle. Everyone is offering motivation on how to diet and how to reach your fat loss goals but no one is out there talking about how to learn how to love yourself when shit hits the fan. Which is exactly what happened to me.

I spent years dieting & following a structured plan, I thrived off my all or nothing mentality. But that mentality no longer helped me once I didnt have a show to keep me motivated… I became depressed, gained a lot of weight & lost myself.

Thats when I decided to pursue a Life Coaching certification so that I could learn how to master my mindset. I knew that this weight I gained wasn’t a weight loss problem, but rather a self love problem. Through the power “the question” I effectively used Life Coaching to reprogram my brain and ultimately my life.

I learned how to master my mindset, redesigned my habits, ditched my all nothing diet mentality & uncovered my confidence. That my friends is what I would love to help you with too! Im so excited to get to know you, guide you & mentor you to becoming the best version of yourself.