What did you wish you knew before your first show?

Every competitor deserves a healthy journey to the stage that won't destroy their mental, physical or financial health. Prospective competitors and novice competitors need an honest insight into the competitor life.

My goal is to provide you with a deeper look into female competitors bodybuilding world, more specifically the bikini competitors world. But I’m going to need your help! We’re collecting stories from YOU for this future resource! If you have competed (or tried & failed) Id love to hear your story. Submissions are completely anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

By sharing your story you not only help future women, you also give other woman the permission to be seen & heard. I once heard someone say there are no new stories, so if you are living a post competition nightmare, sharing your story will help you and many others heal.


Categories for story submissions:

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT - Reasons “why” I didn’t complete my competition prep.

THAT BIKINI COSTS HOW MUCH!?!?  - Tell us about the financial obligations that took you by surprise.

I THOUGHT I PICKED A GOOD COACH -  My coach wasn’t invested in me, I wasn’t emotionally supported, I felt used, etc.

CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO! - Tell us about your training plan.

THE VORTEX a.k.a. FOOD OBSESSION– Macro’s, Meal Plans, Low-Calorie deficits, Low-carb lifestyle, etc.

SUPPLEMENTS VS. STEROIDS – I trusted my coach and didn’t know the difference between the two, set-backs, how it affected your health

I WAS A BITCH – Talk to us about crunch time and those last 6 weeks, losing your period, becoming a hormonal nightmare.

PEAK WEEK – Tell us about your peak week routine salt elimination, water depletion, etc.  What went right?  What went wrong?

GETTING GHOSTED – Where was my coach on stage day?

POST COMPETITION - What did I learn from this experience?  How did it change me?  How did it change my relationships?  I gained 30 lbs after 16 weeks of hard work.  I still have to follow a meal plan!

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