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I found Chaneé on Instagram a couple of years ago and straight away connected with her vibe. Earlier this year I was prepping for a WBFF Bikini Diva show and contacted Chanee to be my posing coach.

We had posing Skype sessions weekly and I always looked forward to them! Her energy would always get me excited to step on stage. Throughout the posing sessions she would give me affirmations to help me mentally in prep for the stage. I knew from the first posing session that I wanted her to be my post comp coach. After my first competition I blew up, I had no coach and struggled mentally and physically. I was determined not to let that happen again so I stayed with Chaneé post competition and she has supported me right through from pre-comp with posing to post-comp with limiting binge eating and negative self talk. She helped me focus on strength goals instead of the number on the scales and it helped me SO much!

I have found a much more balanced life post competition and can safely say that I love myself throughout the whole process which I couldn’t have said one year ago. We have also had some life coaching sessions in which she helped me set clear goals for my life - business, fitness and relationships. I am so grateful for her and I can’t wait to prep with Chaneé as my coach in 2019!

— Anjuli Mack

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I have really enjoyed working with Chaneé on my nutrition and workout goals! Chaneé guided me through this journey and helped me build healthy habits step by step. Every time we met on video, she was positive and encouraging me along the way. I have become more aware of my habits (both nutrition and workout), and I am forever grateful for this awesome experience!

— Selene Hakobyan


Working with Chaneé before my wedding was one of the best planning decisions I made. My goal was not to lose a bunch of weight, but to tighten, tone and gain muscle definition. Throughout the process I learned SO MUCH!

There is no elimination diets or drastically cutting calories, instead she focuses on what is right for your body based on your goals. Not to mention the seriously booty-kicking workouts! Every time I got comfortable with a plan she would change it up, leaving me constantly challenged.

Chaneé is your biggest cheerleader and cares about your physical and mental progress, looking at the whole person and your life and lifestyle and creating a plan that fits that. When my wedding day came around I was so happy with how I looked and the progress I made, but most importantly I felt strong and confident.

— Christa Nelson

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You name it, I’ve probably tried it. CrossFit, other online coaches, counting macros, 5 meals a day, unnecessary supplements and fat burners. I’ve always been somewhat consistent in the gym, but my actual workouts were a mess, as were my eating habits. I had no real routine that I was able to easily stick to. The holidays are a busy time where I love to indulge, meaning less consistency in the gym and more calories in my mouth.

Being coached by Chaneé helped me DROP 11 inches all around, learn consistency in my workouts, and get a hold of my eating without depriving myself of the goodies I love. Continuing on my own after the program ended was a breeze because I learned to build a solid routine, and have been able to continue making progress in my fitness journey.

— Carlyn Norris

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I learned so much participating in Chaneé’s 6-week challenge! There was at least one new machine or exercise that I hadn’t tried on every workout. I also learned nutrition basics to keep in mind when grocery shopping, meal prepping, and eating out. Her tips don’t feel like a diet at all, instead a mindful lifestyle so it’s easier to keep up post-challenge!

I lost 7.5lbs during the challenge, 4lbs in the month following, and gained confidence in the gym and kitchen! I highly recommend taking a challenge to anyone wanting to kickstart their fitness progress and to learn the hows and whys of working out and nutrition. Thank you, Chaneé, for making personal training accessible and affordable!

— Connie Lewis


My biggest setback prior to beginning Chanee’s program was consistency/getting back into a proper routine after getting into a car accident a few years back and working full time as a RN. I had felt unmotivated.

Working 12 hour shifts (alternating between day and night shifts), I don’t always have a lot of time to spend at the gym. I found her workout program easy to follow. The workouts pushed me to work hard in a short amount of time. I have noticed an increase in energy and strength after completing the workout challenge. I also felt a lot better mentally. I have found a balance with working out and knowing when to take rest days. I know I still have a ways to go but I am happy with the progress I have made so far.

Working with Chanee has been great. I love how involved she is with her clients and how she cares about their progress. I would recommend others to try out her workout programs.

— Jaz S.

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