Train to be strong. To be fit. To be confident.





A 6-week group coaching program designed to help women get strong, fit and confident for life. Everything you need to know to quit yo-yo dieting, FINALLY get consistent & feel great in your clothes with a program that will work for YOU long-term!



New Workouts Weekly

Never get bored & make progress towards your strongest body with weekly workouts delivered to your inbox. Each week progresses from the last and the workouts have a special emphasis on building amazing glutes! Because every girl feels more confident when her jeans fit amazing right?



Do you ever feel like none of your friends or family understand what you're going through & why you are so committed?? The BEST part of this program is that you will have a tribe of other badass women doing it with you so you can have a place to share your wins along with the lows & support eachother along the way.


Real Food, Real Results 

Learn how to eat to reach your goals without counting calories or dealing with macro tracking apps. In this program we focus on eating whole foods that nourish our bodies and learn how to balance our lifestyles. 

Every week I go live with a nutrition topic and Q + A session!

Program Closed Until Summer 2018! 

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I first came up with an idea for a group fitness challenge last year for the holidays to help women stay balanced & fit & feel confident AF for NYE. What happened was amazing, women from all over who had idea no who each other were banded together to support and encourage one another. Not to mention they all made such amazing PROGRESS!

 I realized the missing catalyst for people who want to make progress was having a community, a program to follow that used science to deliver results & a coach to keep them accountable towards their goals. 

Thats where Body Type Strong was born & Im committed to helping you become strong in your mind & body. 


Who this challenge is for:

Women who like to workout with weights or want to learn how to incorporate more weights into their workouts

Women who are committed to working out 4x a week

Women who want to make a positive impact in their lives through fitness

Women who are tired of starting over again and want to learn how to make sustainable nutrition habits for life. 


What clients are saying:

Overall, I’d say my biggest accomplishment was feeling confident in the gym trying new exercises, weights, sticking to reps, etc. I definitely went to the gym more than I would have without your program because I was excited to try the new routines and didn’t waste time trying to make up my own and instead could use the rest time between reps to write down weights and benchmark myself against previous days.
— C.L

As for my biggest accomplishment?

Believeing in the process and not taking No for an answer.

It’s always hard to start a journey that seems a bit overwhelming. It’s silly but there are human tendencies to give up if the results to a product you are working on (in this case making your body stronger) if they don’t show up right away. For me, sticking to something that I KNEW would take some time, even if i was not going to feel or look different after 1 or 2 weeks, was huge! And totally the reason why it worked. Consistency is key.

I got back into working weight machines and heavy weights back into my routine, lifted more than I thought I could by the end and learned A LOT more about how to eat more efficiently for my body.
— A.C

Program Closed Until Summer 2018! 

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What you get in this challenge:

-New workouts sent weekly to your inbox. There are 4-5 workouts per week & each week they are slightly different to ensure progress is being made and so you don't get bored!  

-Cardio training is included in the workouts to maximize fat loss

-Private FB group for challenge members only where you can receive accountability & encouragement

-Expert advice from Chanee who will be in the group weekly answering questions 

-Weekly nutrition & mindset live coaching videos (HUGE value!)

-Intuitive eating guidelines for sustainable fat loss results

-Increased confidence to workout with weights & a stronger mindset





Hey! Im Chanee…

Growing up I knew I always wanted to be in the business of helping people- how I would do that I wasn't too sure. Fast forward to my senior year of college in a City & Regional Planning degree I found myself falling in love fitness. The feeling of empowerment & confidence fitness gave me was indescribable & I decided that was how I was going to help people. 

Ive made all the mistakes you can make along the way to having a healthy lifestyle. From being overly restrictive with my food & letting what is supposed to be an added healthy component of your life completely take over, Ive learned the hard way how to achieve balance, results & a strong mindset that will allow you to keep your results for life. 

Ive been a personal trainer for the last 5 years and I've seen first hand what delivers women results. When you have an effective program, accountability,  sustainable approaches & a tribe MAGIC happens! 

After the success of my first group coaching program & seeing how much more confident these women became I've made it my mission to helps thousands (hopefully even millions!) of women reach their fitness goals. Because we all deserve to feel strong, fit & confident.